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Frantec is a supplier of passenger car parts

The aim of this brand is to provide premium quality products and new services to Asa Group's customer group. In 2006, with the introduction of products such as Peugeot's water pump, the company began its activities with the Zantaya and Peugeot 405 vehicles, and with the expansion of the distribution market, the company began selling parts such as spark plugs and car pillows. The supply of parts like candles and pile of Peugeot and Pride cars with high quality, reasonable prices and new packaging has led to a change in the product supply of this brand, which has resulted in customer satisfaction. Then, with the expansion of products and the diversification of products such as brake pads, brake pads, shock absorbers, water pumps, discs and ball bearings, electric components and gas stations, active participation in the spare parts market began. The focus on quality is the main objective of this brand and in pursuit of the above goal, we have worked with organizations and companies that have been recognized and approved by automobile companies. Observing the principles of quality and obtaining valid world standards such as ISO TS, ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 are requirements of purchase.

Frantec and the Automotive Industry Market